L'Eroica Britannia is upon us. Am I fit enough? Probably not (Mis-timed holiday). Will I find some enjoyment in amongst the suffering? Ofcourse! I’ll be documenting my experience over the next few days, so expect a post ride report in the coming weeks.


The ride, which is the pinnacle of the festival on Sunday the 22nd June journeys adventurers through unexplored and uncharted landscape of The Peak District, including the private lands of the Chatsworth Estate. It also takes in the Monsal Trail the incredible marvels of Victorian engineering. All riders experience a series of outstanding viaducts and tunnels before filtering off to adventure on their chosen milage. All routes feature a high level of 'white off road' riding with lesser used tracks and paths adding to the feeling of conquest and adventure and staying true to the spirit and accomplishment of L'Eroica, Italy. Adventurers may choose either a 30 mile, 55 mile or the 'man of steel' 100 mile route to be ridden on the 22 June on bikes which comply to L'Eroica heritage. Pre 1987 bikes and glorious vintage apparel must be observed creating a fascinating and beautiful spectacle of 2,000 riders touring through the Peak District on the 22nd June.


Tim Hubbard from the Eroica Britannia team comments, 'All routes are stunning and have their own charm and challenge. The 30 miler is going to be great fun. The 55 mile is tough and at least 6 hour ride but an incredible experience. We are calling the long 100 miler, The Man of Steel, because you going to have to be!'

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